How To Lose Weight While Pregnant

Pregnancy is a very difficult time and often marred with painful and troublesome experiences. But the fact that one is carrying a life inside her is what keeps most moms-to-be going. What has been a really debatable topic for decades is whether one should lose weight during pregnancy or put on weight? There are many conditions depending up to which one should lose weight or gain weight. And it is best to consult your doctor before planning to start dieting, whether to lose weight or gain it. But having once decided if you need to lose weight, you can follow the following steps in order to lose weight in a safe and sound manner.

The first step to losing weight during pregnancy is keeping diaries in which you write down all that you eat and drink. Keep a detailed track of what you eat the whole day along with what you have been drinking. Make sure that you do not omit anything or forget to write about just so that you do not feel guilty. This habit will make you answerable to you and responsible.

How To Lose Weight While Pregnant How To Lose Weight While Pregnant
Instead of consuming food, switch to drinks in order to keep yourself healthy. Two quarts of water everyday and one quart of skimmed milk is very good for your health and will decrease your hunger. It will also keep you very well hydrated and wont have complications later. It is very important for a pregnant woman to be well hydrated.  A dehydrated woman has chances of having preterm labor and preterm contractions. It is also a very good idea to consume a lot of fruit juices. It will supply your body with all the necessary nutrients without you having to consume any food which makes you put on weight.

It is also very advisable for the pregnant mother to consume a lot of fish. This is because studies have shown that a good consumption of fish results in the neurodevelopment of the offspring and also improves its intellect. Hence it is good for the child if the How To Lose Weight While Pregnant mother consumes at least 12 ounces of fish per week. Haddock, Pollock, Shrimp, Salmon and tilapia usually has extremely low mercury levels and hence can be consumed by the pregnant mother without worrying about the health of the baby. At the same time one should avoid tilefish, shark, mackerel and swordfish.

How To Lose Weight While Pregnant

mothers looking to lose weight should avoid processed, precooked and cold cuts food religiously. This means that pregnant women should avoid food like salami, bologna, hot dog and other such food products. This is because they contain a high amount of salt which is sodium and can be a potential cause for listeriosis infection during the pregnancy. This is extremely important and should be kept in mind by the pregnant mother.

If these five simple steps are followed by a pregnant woman then she will lose weight properly and in a healthy manner. One should always keep the health of the baby in mind and hence any decision taken should be taken in accordance with the doctor’s advice and consultation.

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